Bicycle Tours and Happy Marriages – go together!

by Robyn Elliott on August 18, 2009


We had a lot of couples come out for a “Bicycle Date”…  GREAT IDEA by the way!  But one of  the greatest pleasures I’ve had this summer has been meeting so many “happily married couples” while on a BICYCLE DATE!  It’s not surprising to have couples in their 20’s, 30’s with just a few years under their belt acting like “newlyweds” … but it is really awesome to meet couples like Dawn and Bill from Delaware.  They are college sweet-hearts and newly empty nesters in their late 40’s.  I meet lots of couples in my new line of work, and judging from the fondness couples show one another, I often imagine they are under the “7-10 year” mark – maybe on their second marriage.  In Dawn and Bill’s case…  they have had 26 years of practicing a happy and successful marriage!  When we chatted about their years of marriage, they both made admiring comments about each other — Dawn said it has been easy to be good to him.  Isn’t that the sweetest???   I wished them another fabulous 26 years – I have no doubt they will make it… smiling  the whole way!

IMG_1571A couple of weeks ago, we had Jim and Lee schedule a private tour for 20-something anniversary!  They are Atlanta area residents living in Sandy Springs — they were looking for something different, fun and healthy to do for their celebration. Both fit and interested in Atlanta history and the sites — they seemed to really enjoy the day!  This photo was taken inside of Oakland Cemetery and is one of the most wow-inpsiring views of the Atlanta skyline. And one that few people know about.  Jim and Lee are standing at one of the highest points in Atlanta, near the southeast corner of Oakland.  Although difficult to see in the photo – from this point, you can see headstones from one of the Jewish sections, conferderate headstones lined up next, a layer of trees and then the GA Pacific building down to the Suntrust building on Peachtree Street.  Most of our guest leave with this image in their cameras!  When I discovered this view, I completely changed the cemetery route so everyone had a chance to see Atlanta from this vantage point!

So – DATING ON A BICYCLE… that should be the next great craze!  For a really memorable date, come out soon — see the sites with your Sweetie!

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